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Victims for one. They probably care all right. How about all the friends and family that have been Stolen from, Lied to, Manipulated, Embarrassed. Many weeded out by heartache. Reality of someone not carrying his weight and a lot worse. Not the legislature. Their nod to the punishment squeaky wheel. Rehabilitation: good money after bad — some real bad. No pay for the prisoners. Self help impossible. No hope but for chicanery Guards — pay doesn’t include compassion. Tread carefully. So who makes this pointless journey? Those who love, care beyond reason. Isn’t reason king? Irrational love, pretender to the throne? Or already reigning? There’s a boat load of irrational, thank God. No quid, just the pro quo Masochists — possibly. Hope over experience — no medals, please. Just there for those who are down for the count. We love but know that happy endings come mostly out of Hollywood.


Mark A. Chapman. An Artist Writes


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The quiet, well groomed Mom and two daughters wait patiently for their loved one to get released from his cage A Rockwell painting, He makes his appearance in his cotton, ill fitting garb. The sun slips behind a cloud. An icy wind unsettles the reunion. Pure, unvarnished hate unmeasurable, flows disgustedly from the mom. This is not going to be pretty. She speaks volumes without talking. You sorry S.O.B. Making me bring these girls in here. I trusted, I loved — all bitter ashes — you bastard! Everything broken beyond repair. The 7 year old cries, then sobs. Then a gentle rain of tears. No forecast of fair weather in the foreseeable future. Her younger sister stoic — emotion under control. Who is in control? By the way, Daddy don’t feel so good either. This drama will last lifetimes. Passed down like the family jewels. An ugly treasure with the tenacity of gum on your shoe.

Mark A. Chapman.

New Orleans

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On a recent trip to New Orleans, I caught a speeding ticket on an I-10 speed trap – receiving the ticket in the hospitality (visitors) center.  The ticket is still being negotiated if I have a clean record.  I wondered if I forgot next time I’d get arrested – thoughts of Angola, a no parole LA prison danced in my head then of the many prisons my son has been confined in Texas.  I recall the many prisoners I saw who were mentally unfit but not bad enough for institutionalization – a hellish no man’s land of removal from society but no treatment or hope.  Recently in the news that they’re not air conditioned – imagine Houston in the summer a la natural.  Cruel and unusual punishment?  I’d heard of a man pleading guilty to murder in Maine, to get out of the Texas prison system.

An Artist Writes

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An Artist Writes (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Mark A. Chapman

Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only

An Artist Writes is a collection of original poetry and abstract art by Mark A. Chapman. His poetry is not obscure, but hard hitting vignettes on everyday life.
The collection includes poetry about love, sex, relationships, travel, aging, death, Alzheimer’s, pain of a son’s incarceration and random thoughts on human condition. Also included are 35 original paintings

*All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the spay/neuter assistance program PUPS-Prevent Unwanted Pets of Cat Spring


Mark Chapman’s poetry is fearless, direct and imaginative, framed in well-chosen words of stark prairie candor. He writes with a cadence of his own flowing from aine mind and observing life with up-close wonder and without blinking” - Ruth Browne (past president of the Kansas Arts Commission member of the executive board of the Mid-America Arts Alliance and a recipient of the governor’s award as a Kansas Arts Advocate)